Märsta Brothers Constitution

We the member of Märsta Brothers Union having firmly and solemnly resolve, to exist in unity and harmony as one individual and reputable organization under Märsta Brothers Union Sweden dedicated for members co-operation and  association and protection of our cultural values. And to provide for a constitution for the purpose of protecting the good governance and welfare of all members in our union, in the principles of freedom, equality and justice and for the purpose of consolidating the unity of our union in Sweden.

We do hereby make, exact and give to ourselves the following contribution

Section 1


The goal of this organization shall be to pursue a collective support group that is dedicated to brotherhood, achieving the preservation of our individual and collective welfare and that of our community. In addition, we aspire to uphold the common spirit of togetherness, unity and a strong family unit among members and to harrows development in our community.

Section 2

Aims And Objectives

  1. To facilitate contacts and promote cultural interaction and understanding among members.
  2. To promote the spirit of togetherness and brotherhood among members and their families through social cultural interactions.
  3. Serving as the umbrella organization under hic members, women and children may come together to achieving the common goal of understanding and self-help
  4. Keeping alive our traditions and customs as celebrated in our rich festivals and cultural institutions.
  5. Promoting the teaching of our native language and culture to our children and to other interested people (e.g. Swedish).
  6. Encouraging happy matrimonies and conducive homes to raise our children.
  7. Fostering cultural understanding between members and people from other nationalities through the promotion of cultural exchange.
  8. To create awareness among members on the need to united and foster peace and unity in Sweden.
  9. To engage in fostering of social, civic, cultural, educational and charitable activities geared towards the promotion of the group and community.
  10. To support members in need, as well as help the needy and less privileged in our community.
  11. To engage in any other lawful cause that is intended for advancement and welfare of the members not mentioned herein.
  12. To solicit and engage in fund-raising activities to assist in the execution of charitable works within the guidelines of the organization.

Section 3


To become a member of Märsta Brothers Union, these are our requirements:

1. Procedures

  1. Application form
  2. Screening: clear police records, reference from a member and good personal behavior.
  3. Intend member should be a legal residence in Sweden.
  4. Proper self-introduction in our meeting.
  5. Secret ballot member’s vote (new member must get 100% member’s vote).

2. Requirements for a Newly Accepted Member

  1. A carton of beer
  2. One bottle of Hennysen
  3. Hosting the next meeting.

Monthly dues: 200kr

Section 4

Suspension And Fines

  1. If a member misses our meeting three consecutive times while in Sweden that member will face suspension and 500kr fine.
  2. Late coming: 50kr
  3. Inappropriate behavior and lack of orderliness by any member during meeting : 2000k
  4. Verbal written abuse : 2000kr
  5. Members that fight: 5,000kr with 3 months suspension.
  6. Any public threat of leaving the union: 2000kr

Section 5


  1. Sabotage: Any member that is talking or discussing against our union in any way will be expelled after investigation and the allegations turns out to be true.
  2. Any member that is involve in a domestic violence on any way will be expelled after investigation and allegations turns out to be true.
  3. Any decision that has been voted upon shall not be changed unless 70% of the members agree on making changes on that particular issues.
  4. Only the people that are in the meeting has the right to vote.


When a member want to invite us to his programme that member will give us a bottle of Hennysen in a meeting.

Section 8


  1. When a member lost any of his parents, each member must contribute 500kr. 1500kr for buying drinks for members during wake and sum of 5,000kr will be given to him in cash.
  2. If a member die, members will be responsible for taking the corpse to his people in Nigeria.